About the CTCSTA

The CTCSTA is the Connecticut chapter of the Computer Science Teachers Association. Check out the CSTA National site by clicking here.

The CTCSTA acts as a local resource to:

  • Build a strong community of computer science educators who share their knowledge.
  • Provide teachers with opportunities for high quality professional development.
  • Advocate at all levels for a comprehensive computer science curricula.
  • Support projects that communicate the excitement of computer science to students and improve their understanding of the opportunities it provides.
  • Collect and disseminating research about computer science education.
  • Provide policy recommendations to support computer science in the high school curriculum.
  • Raise awareness that computer science educators are highly qualified professionals with skills that enrich the educational experience of their students.

CSTA works at many levels to support computing education:

  • Middle school: problem solving and algorithmic thinking.
  • High school: computing and computer science.
  • College/university: enrollment and transition.
  • Industry: engagement and preparation.

Mission Statement

The CT CSTA strives to educate and enlighten the local community about computer science.

How to Join CT CSTA

Fill out the form on the registration page. To register click below:


Our partners provide support for the organization as well as locations for meetings.

Central Connecticut State University
Quinnipiac University
Trinity College
University of Hartford
Capital Community College