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Jason Healy
Director of Technology
OPatrny Chair in Technology
Teacher of Computer Science
Suffield Academy
E-mail: my first name @ suffieldacademy.org
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Welcome to my little slice of cyberspace at Suffield! I'm the Director of Technology at Suffield Academy, a 9-12 boarding school in Northern Connecticut. As Director, I'm in charge of the school's technology infrastructure, supporting academic and residential computing on campus. Suffield is a one-to-one laptop school, so we've got a lot of machines on campus and plenty of fun tech stuff going on!

As Suffield is a small(ish) school, I wear many hats as part of my job. In addition to managing our department and overseeing tech policies for the school, I also maintain our voice and data networks, keep our servers running, and teach a few sections of computer science.

In my spare time, I think about what I would do if I had spare time.

We currently offer three courses in CS: Intro and Advanced Placement. From time to time, however, we also offer an Independent Study course to give the students more freedom to explore programming, hardware, networks, and other related topics. Please see the CS course pages for more information.

All our students are required to have an Apple laptop computer, so our campus is overwhelmingly Mac-based (we tolerate a few Windows machines, and run Linux on many of the servers). If you're interested in how our network and servers operate, please check out our Suffield Academy Network Documentation, which has technical specifics.

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in any of my work at Suffield. Prospective students are especially encouraged to ask me about technology or computer science offerings.

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